Tutorial #3:
changing NPCs for custom registers or podiums
Now, podiums are not too different. There's just more to work with. For the formal podium (our example), you have 3 waiters, 3 waitresses, 3 busboys, 3 chefs, 3 pianists, 1 mariachi, and 1 maitre'd.
Following the previous example of the register, extract the necessary NPC files. Clone them, and record the GUIDs of the originals and your clones. Open each cloned NPC file in IFFPencil2, and change the GUID and appearance (just like the register). Now comes the time consuming part...
Servers (listed as "waitress")
Pianists and Mariachi
Open your cloned podium. Following each example below, edit the GUIDs. There's going to be a bunch of them.
BHAV #4117 "Allow Intersection"
BHAV #4119 "Get... Busboy"
After you have edited all of these, you will also need to edit the #4117 "Allow Intersection" BHAV (see below).
The final things you need to change are the "Get..." BHAVs. Each one is listed below, in the order of BHAV #.
BHAV #4120 "Get... Server"
BHAV #4121 "Get... Maitre'd"
BHAV #4122 "Get... Chef"
As always, when you're done, save and test in your game. Be sure you put the cloned register, or podium, along with ALL of your corresponding cloned NPC files (and whatever custom skins) in your game folder. You may want to visit your shop or restaurant enough times to check all skin tones and genders. (PS - I usually will FAR the podium/register with their NPC files once I'm sure they work properly. It saves from accidentally deleting a file, or having files scattered everywhere.)
You can use these steps to customize the barista for the coffee cart too. You need to edit BHAV #4133 "route check" and #4134 "main vendors".