*HOT* red dress
from the wonderful Watersim!
From what started as my jokingly scribbling my "autograph",
the always clever JoAnne (jonesie) at CTO
created 2 fabulous pieces of modern art (my fav!)
Find more of JoAnne's work (both in Sim and in humor) at CTO:
Sometimes its the little things in life...
My cohort, therapist, teacher, surrogate mother,
and above all else, my always amazing friend Denise
made her very cool knight's tent in gothic colours - for me and for you
Posters of piercings by Andrasta...
I have many tattoos and piercings, so these
are right up my alley!
More darkness awaits at Andrasta's World
Thank you, Andrea!
Old, faded wood makes me feel right at home... *sigh*
Gorgeous build set by Simbuele -
find more wonderful goodies at her Curiousity curio
Thank you, Gaby!
Fantastic new curtains, from Watersim
Thank you!